Framing the rocky and fascinating coastline of the capital of Palawan is Honda Bay. Its blue cool waters are scattered with islands that guarantee a pure-pleasure experience. From snorkeling in clear waters around some of the smaller islands in the Bay, to simply enjoying a picnic on the fine sand of one of its beach areas, Honda Bay is sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Pandan Island, is a private island with just one small resort. The island has the finest, whitest sands of all the islands and a lush tropical forest. This oval shaped island offers stunning views of the Honda Bay. The only structures on this island are wood and nipa cottages and stalls selling drinks and massages. The lack of concrete structures enhances the feeling of an island left to be at one with nature.
  • Starfish Island has the greatest population of Star Fish (Sea Stars) in all of Palawan, as evident in its name. Symmetric five-armed orange Star Fish are the most abundant type in the area but you may be lucky to spot other varieties.
  • Luli Island is actually a short term for “Lulubog – Lilitaw”, which means Sink & Rise, which is what the Island does; at high tide the island disappears and at low tide, it reappears.
  • Cowrie Island is named after the small-to-large sea snail, marine gastropod mollusca called “cowrie.” The island has a number of cabanas, a pavillion and thatched-roof spa huts, all over looking the sea and creating a beautiful, picturesque scene. Cowrie Island has recently opened to the public as an alternative to the crowded Pandan Island, situated nearby.

Honda Bay island hopping tour – InclusionsHonda bay

  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Air conditioned Van
  • Boat Transfer
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Cottages

Honda Bay Island Hopping – Itinerary

  • Option 1: Pandan island, Starfish islandHonda bay
  • Option 2: Luli island, Cowrie island, Starfish island

Join in, and explore these wondeful Islands, and make your vacation an unforgettable one.

Honda Bay island hopping tour

  • Pick Up Time: Regular pick up time is 7AM but during Summer / Peak Season, pick up time will start at 6:30AM
  • What time does the tour end? Approximately 4-4:30 pm and you will be back at the hotel approximately 5pm
  • What is the usual lunch menu? Grilled pork, Grilled fish, either Crab or Shrimp, Vegetables, Green Mango with bagoong, Fruits, Rice and 1 round Softdrink. Menu may change without prior notice
  • Are rental of Mask & Snorkel, Fins going to be provided for free? Snorkel and fins are for rent: PhP 150/set (snorkel); PhP 150/set (fins). Or you may bring your own

Honda Bay island hopping tour prize is P 1500 person